Are Towing Companies Benefiting from New Technology?

It is hard to deny that people have a stereotypical image about towing companies in Canada. They are always seen as companies that operate in a more traditional way, ignoring technology and other advancements. But the truth is that towing companies have done a lot in the past five or six years to modernize the service they offer customers.

New tech has helped towing companies immensely. And the ones who are still thriving in the modern Canadian economy are the ones who have adapted. Here is an assessment of how tech is helping these companies.

Customer Payments

Remember the days when you had to go up to a gate at the tow truck company’s headquarters to make a payment? It was beyond a hassle. Times have changed since then.

Top towing companies in Canada, like, offer many payment options. Most will have a credit and debit card machine with their tow trucks. When the car is dropped off at the customer’s home or a repair shop, they are presented with a bill. They can pay it on the spot. The card is swiped, they sign and it is done.

Other companies are offering online payments too. They have apps where the customer can see their bill and make a payment. Some even accept online payment portals such as PayPal, although it may be restricted to the biggest companies in major Canadian cities.

Employee Hour Logging

The process for logging in and out of work has changed for tow truck company employees. They would previously head over to the main facility, punch in their time card and then go to one of the trucks to start work. When they were done, they headed back and punched in the time card.

Now employees are able to log in remotely using apps. It is very useful, especially for companies that need to offer customers a 24/7 service. Some employees may take a tow truck with them when they head home. They could be “on call,” as it allows them to head out if an emergency arises. Now they can log into work through the app, instead of needing to head to the main office to punch in a time card.

Using GPS and Route Creation Software

One of the biggest issues for towing companies was getting to customers efficiently. They had four or five cars out on the road, but they were not always sure where each car was located. It was up to the manager at the time to decide who was heading to different customers.

Now there is real time GPS tracking of each truck and software that helps with route creation. The manager can easily see who is closest to the customer’s given location. It ensures that trucks arrive within 15-20 minutes in major cities. It may take longer in more remote areas, but the process is still more efficient than it was in the past.

Customer Relationship Management

Towing companies have fully embraced customer relationship management, or CRM, software. Why? Because it allows them to save details on a customer.

When you first use a towing service, you enter in your information and create an account. Now their customer service team has all this information pop up on their screen when you call or use the online chat function to get help.

The result is a streamlined and personalized customer service experience.

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